Elephant Hive is an instrumental garage power duo from Tel Aviv formed in 2015 by Rafael Cohen (guitar) and Tom Bollig (drums). In the past 4 years they have toured all around Israel, Europe, Russia and Australia and took part in high profile alternative music festivals, in which they were hailed as a new up-and-coming band to keep on music fans’ radar. 
Their act stands out with its short musical miniatures of energy outbreaks, combining African sounds and rhythms with alternative indie punk rock a la Deerhoof, Queens of the Stone Age, Tool and Autolux among others. 

"Elephant Hive lifted the venue in the air with tons of passion and musical abilities… 
the real surprise of the evening” 

(Alma Elliott Hofmann, City Mouse) 

“A young Israeli power duo making exactly the right amount of noise” 

(Guy Hajaj, Oneg Shabat music blog) 

“The most interesting promise around these days” 

(Itai Shumeri, The Listener music blog)